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Chevaux et poésies

Publié par Folfaerie

  Three white horses


Three white horses in a field

spell magic though the moment pass

and cloud extends across the grass

on three white horses cropping there


is it the number three perhaps

that gives this strange significance

the willows moving in a dance

so elegant and painterly


the sky is overcast the rain

is building up but white as snow

illumined in a shaft of light

three horses crop the shadowed grass.


Dorothy Hewett












As we skid into

the shallow ditch

at the edge of the road

three crows explode


from the paddock's dry grass

and a ghost-grey horse

swishes its tail

in the shade of a tree


Gary Catalano









Un cheval s’écroule au milieu d’une allée
Les feuilles tombent sur lui
Notre amour frissonne
Et le soleil aussi.


Jacques Prévert

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