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How to be an alien (George Mikes)

Publié par Folfaerie

Voilà un petit ouvrage fort réjouissant pour travailler son anglais, et je présenterai à l'occasion mes passages préférés. J'ai eu à traduire un extrait de ce livre pour l'examen d'anglais de ma première année de licence, un vrai plaisir...

Enjoy !

How to be an alien (George Mikes)


This is the most important topic in the land. [...] In England this is an ever-interesting, even thrilling topic, and you must be good at discussing the weather.

Examples for conversation
For Good We

'Lovely day, isn't it ?'
'Isn't it beautiful ?'
'The sun...'
'Isn't it gorgeous ?'
'Wonderful, isn't it ?'
'It's so nice and hot...'
'Personnally, I think it's so nice when it's hot - isn't it ?'
'I adore it - don't you ?'

For Bad Weather

'Nasty day, isn't it ?'
'Isn't it dreadful ?'
'The rain... I hate rain...'
'I don't like it at all. Do you ?'
'Fancy such a day in July. Rain in the morning, then a bit of sunshine, and then rain, rain, rain, all day long.'
'I remember exactly the same in 1936'
'Yes, I remember too.'
'Or was it in 1928 ?'
'Yes, it was.'
'Or in 1939.'
'Yes, that's right.'

Now observe the last few sentences of this conversation. A very important rule emerges from it. You must never contradict anybody when discussing the weather. Should it hail and snow, should hurricanes uproot the trees from the sides of the road, and should someone remark to you : 'Nice day, isn't it ?' - answer without hesitation : Isn't it lovely ?'

Learn the above conversation by heart. If you are a bit slow in picking things up, learn at least one conversation, it would do wonderfully in any occasion.

If you do not say anything else for the rest of your life, just repeat this conversation, you still have a fair chance of passing as a remarkably witty man of sharp intellect, keen on observation and extremely pleasant manners."

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saga6t 15/08/2018 14:44

Voir l'adaptation publiée

saga6t 15/08/2018 14:44

VOIR : "http://saga6t.over-blog.com/2018/07/how-to-be-an-alien-ou-le-vademcum-de-l-etranger-en-angleterre-par-george-mikes.html"

saga6t 15/08/2018 14:42


stop snoring aids 03/03/2014 11:39

This is something a bit tricky to read. A type of insensibility is there. Is the book full of such conversations? Then I don’t prefer such things. Anyway thank you so much for sharing it here with us. It was fun to go through.

keisha 26/07/2013 18:47

Hou souvenirs souvenirs, c'est super ancien ce bouquin! Dans mes étagères j'ai donc ce livre, ainsi que How to be poor et The land of the rising yen...

Folfaerie 27/07/2013 15:18

oui, c'est ancien. Celui-là est chez moi depuis des années et je ne me souviens même plus comment il a échoué sur mes étagères. Si How to be poor est dans la même veine, il me plairait bien de le lire aussi. En tout cas, c'est marrant de voir que ces textes sont toujours proposés à la traduction à l'Université.

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